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Jacorb's Discord

If you would like to speedrun this, press Play Again and record your attempt, then submit it on my Discord Server in the channel #speedrun-submissions.

Oh, you are still reading this?

For next update, there will be a bunch of new layers from Rows 5-7! Stay tuned!

v1.2: The Mechanical Update

  • Added a new row with 3 new layers (only 1 is made so far)
  • Balanced up to e1e11
  • Rebalanced the early parts of row 4 (again)
  • Reorganized some of the code stuff
  • Added v1.0 style option
  • Added a loading screen
  • Fixed some more bugs

v1.1: The Life Update

  • Added 4 new layers
  • Added some QoL displays
  • Added Aqua theme
  • Added HQ Tree option
  • Rebalanced early parts of rows 4 - 6
  • Balanced up to e280,000,000
  • Fixed some bugs

v1.0 Patch 1

  • Added an option to keep going at endgame

v1.0 Full Release

  • Converted Vue to production mode
  • Added an end screen at 1e40,000,000 Points

v1.0 Beta 4

  • Balanced up to 1e40,000,000 Points & 500,000 Super-Prestige Points

v1.0 Beta 3

  • Added a hotkey for the fourth Spell
  • Balanced up to 1e29,000,000 Points & 10,000 Super-Prestige Points

v1.0 Beta 2

  • Fixed a bug involving the fourth Spell
  • Added more Super-Prestige Upgrades
  • Balanced up to 1e26,000,000 Points & 250 Super-Prestige Points

v1.0 Beta 1

  • Implemented the Super-Prestige layer (unfinished)
  • Balanced up to 1e18,000,000 Points & 10 Super-Prestige Points

Beta v1.2

  • Balanced up to 1e15,000,000 Points

Beta v1.2 Alpha 13

  • Reduced a few upgrade costs
  • Balanced up to 1e11,000,000 Points, 5e23 Magic, and 3e20 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 12

  • Balanced up to 1e9,200,000 Points, 5e18 Magic, and 1e16 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 11

  • Balanced up to 1e7,650,000 Points, 1e16 Magic, and 4e13 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 10

  • Made a few visual fixes
  • Adjusted the 1,070 Generator upgrade to cost 1,068 Generators instead
  • Balanced up to 1e6,800,000 Points, 1e14 Magic, and 1.5e12 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 9

  • Added hints for h8 & h10
  • Added a new Magic milestone
  • Reduced offline time to 10% of its original amount
  • Balanced up to 1e6,000,000 Points, 3e12 Magic, and 1e11 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 8

  • Added a new milestone
  • Added a new Hindrance ;)
  • Balanced up to 1e5,500,000 Points, 2.5e10 Magic, and 2e9 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 7

  • Balanced up to 1e3,950,000 Points, 1,500,000 Magic, and 5,000,000 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 6

  • Fixed a bug with hotkeys
  • Balanced up to 1e3,000,000 Points, 80,000 Magic, and 160,000 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 5

  • Balanced up to 1e2,400,000 Points, 1,500 Magic, and 3,000 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 4

  • Implemented the final Hindrance
  • Balanced up to 1e2,000,000 Points, 200 Magic, and 200 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 3

  • Balanced up to 50 Magic and 50 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 2

  • Added 2 new upgrades and a few new milestones
  • Balanced up to 25 Magic and 25 Balance Energy

Beta v1.2 Alpha 1

  • Implemented the two Row 5 layers
  • Added a new option
  • Rebalanced a few things at the end of row 4
  • Balanced up to 1 of each Row 5 reset

Beta v1.1

  • Cleaned up a few things

Beta v1.1 Alpha 21

  • Rebalanced from h10 to endgame (now ends at 1e920,000 Points unless you wanna grind)

Beta v1.1 Alpha 20

  • Made h10 hidden until you beat h9
  • Rebalanced/fixed h10

Beta v1.1 Alpha 19

  • Remade the offline progression system
  • Balanced up to 1e925,000 Points

Beta v1.1 Alpha 18

  • Added a new Hindrance (h10)
  • Balanced up to 1e800,000 Points

Beta v1.1 Alpha 17

  • Fixed a bug with unlocking Hyper-Boosters & Subspace
  • Balanced up to 1e710,000 Points

Beta v1.1 Alpha 16

  • Added a new Hindrance (h9)
  • Added a new Hyper-Booster milestone
  • Made the Space Building automation prioritize the rightmost buildings first
  • Balanced up to 1e690,000 Points

Beta v1.1 Alpha 15

  • Balanced up to 1e635,000 Points (don't worry, the crazy inflation stops here)

Beta v1.1 Alpha 14

  • Implemented the fourth row 4 layer unlock
  • Balanced up to 1e240,000-1e250,000 Points

Beta v1.1 Alpha 13

  • Implemented Subspace & Hyper-Booster resets
  • Balanced up to 1e100,000 Points in either path

Beta v1.1 Alpha 12

  • Balanced up to 1e20 Hindrance Spirit, 2e21 Quirks, and 1e72,000 Points

Beta v1.1 Alpha 11

  • Added a new Quirk Milestone
  • Balanced up to 1e15 Hindrance Spirit, 1e16 Quirks, and 1e42,500 Points

Beta v1.1 Alpha 10

  • Balanced up to 2e13 Hindrance Spirit & Quirks, and 1e31,000 Points

Beta v1.1 Alpha 9

  • Added a new option
  • Balanced up to 2e10 Hindrance Spirit & Quirks, and 1e27,500 Points

Beta v1.1 Alpha 8

  • Several bugfixes
  • Balanced up to 1e9 Hindrance Spirit & Quirks, and 1e25,750 Points

Beta v1.1 Alpha 7

  • Reversed the order of the changelog
  • Added the fourth Hindrance
  • Balanced up to 50,000 Hindrance Spirit & Quirks

Beta v1.1 Alpha 6

  • Various bugfixes
  • Added the third Hindrance
  • Balanced up to 2,500 Hindrance Spirit & Quirks

Beta v1.1 Alpha 5

  • Add the second Hindrance
  • Balanced up to 200 Hindrance Spirit & Quirks

Beta v1.1 Alpha 4

  • Add the first Hindrance
  • Implemented some new milestones
  • Balanced up to 60 Hindrance Spirit & Quirks

Beta v1.1 Alpha 3

  • Fixed corruption bug
  • Implemented some new milestones
  • Balanced up to 15 Hindrance Spirit & 15 Quirks

Beta v1.1 Alpha 2

  • Implemented some new milestones
  • Balanced up to 5 Hindrance Spirit & 5 Quirks

Beta v1.1 Alpha 1

  • Add the framework for the first two row 4 layers
  • Balanced up to the second row 4 reset

Beta v1.01

  • Display Generator Power in the Space tab
  • Add a credits page in the info tab
  • Implemented a few minor QoL/visual fixes

Beta v1.0

  • Made sure any built-in saves had Auto-Save turned on
  • Fixed a visual bug for mobile users
  • Added a "time played" display in the info tab
  • Implemented a NaN check system

Alpha Build 10

  • Rebalanced the Super-Booster era (now up to 1e9,250 points)
  • Implemented a game version variable

Alpha Build 9

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Prestige Tree branches
  • Added a hotkey for Super-Boosters
  • Added a new Super-Booster milestone
  • Fixed a bug with hotkeys
  • Balanced up to 1e46,500 points

Alpha Build 8

  • Implemented Super-Boosters
  • Balanced up to 1e25,600 points

Alpha Build 7

  • Made the new upgrades from Alpha Build 6 shown at proper times
  • Balanced up to 1e4,175 points
  • Setup a temp variable system (to prevent lag later on)

Alpha Build 6

  • Made font work for Mac users
  • Added 1 new Space & Time milestone each
  • Balanced up to 1e3,375 points

Alpha Build 5

  • Balanced up to 1e920 with all prestige tree paths (before unlocking third row 3 layer)

Alpha Build 4

  • Implemented Auto-Boosters & Auto-Generators
  • Fixed a balancing issue with a certain prestige tree path (1e660 -> 1e600)
  • Added changelog
  • Balanced up to 1e700 with all prestige tree paths

Pre-Alpha Build 4

  • Implemented/balanced all row 1 & 2 prestige layers
  • Added the options/info menus
  • Balanced the row 3 prestige layers up to 1e560 points

Prestige Tree


Made by Jacorb
With help by Aarex (made all of v1.1, planned most of v1.2)
Idea by papyrus (on discord)

Jacorb's Discord

Note: If anyone wishes to make a mod of this game, that is perfectly fine with me, just make sure to name it something different (ex: Prestige Tree NG+) and to let me know on my discord.

Time Played: {{ formatTime(player.timePlayed) }}


P: Prestige reset

B: Booster reset

G: Generator reset

T: Time reset

E: Enhance reset

S: Space reset

Shift+B: Super-Booster reset

Shift+G: Super-Generator reset

H: Hindrance reset

Q: Quirk reset

Ctrl+B: Hyper-Booster reset

Shift+S: Subspace reset

M: Magic reset

A: Balance reset

Ctrl+P: Phantom Soul reset

Shift+P: Super-Prestige reset

L: Life Essence reset

Ctrl+S: Hyperspace reset

I: Imperium Brick reset

Shift+M: Mastery Brick reset

Ctrl+G: Gear reset

Ctrl+M: Machine reset

{{i}}: Cast spell {{i}}


Dev Speed: {{format(player.devSpeed)}}x

Offline Time: {{formatTime(player.offTime.remain)}}

Reach {{formatWhole(ENDGAME)}} to beat the game!

You have



You have


{{LAYER_DATA[layer].res}}, {{tmp.layerEffs[layer]?LAYER_DATA[layer].effDesc(tmp.layerEffs[layer]):"???"}}

You have {{formatWhole(tmp.layerAmt[layer])}} {{LAYER_DATA[layer].amtName}}

Your best {{LAYER_DATA[layer].res}} is {{formatWhole(player[layer].best)}}
You have made a total of {{formatWhole(player[layer].total)}} {{LAYER_DATA[layer].res}}

8 Boosters

Keep Prestige Upgrades on reset

15 Boosters

You can buy max Boosters

8 Generators

Keep Prestige Upgrades on reset

10 Generators

Gain 100% of Prestige Point gain every second

15 Generators

You can buy max Generators

You have {{format(player.g.power)}} Generator Power, which multiplies Point gain by {{format(tmp.genPowEff)}}

2 enhance points

Keep Booster/Generator milestones on reset

10 enhance points

Keep Prestige Upgrades on reset

2 time capsules

Keep Booster/Generator milestones on reset

3 time capsules

Keep Prestige Upgrades on reset

4 time capsules

Keep Booster Upgrades on all row 3 resets

5 time capsules

Automatically purchase Boosters   

12 time capsules

Boosters reset nothing

You have {{format(player.t.energy)}} Time Energy, which multiplies Point gain & Prestige Point gain by {{format(tmp.timeEff)}}
You have {{ format(player.b.points) }} Boosters

2 space energy

Keep Booster/Generator milestones on reset

3 space energy

Keep Prestige Upgrades on reset

4 space energy

Keep Generator Upgrades on all row 3 resets

5 space energy

Automatically purchase Generators   

12 space energy

Generators reset nothing

You have {{formatWhole(getSpace())}} Space remaining for Space Buildings.
You have {{ format(player.g.power) }} Generator Power

3 Super-Boosters

Keep Prestige Upgrades on reset

4 Super-Boosters

Keep Booster/Generator milestones on reset

1 Super-Generator

You can buy max Super-Generators, and Super-Generators reset nothing

2 Super-Generators

Automatically purchase Super-Generators   

You have {{format(player.sg.power)}} Super-Generator Power, which multiplies the Generator base by {{format(tmp.sGenPowEff)}}

1 Hindrance Spirit

Keep Prestige Upgrades on all previous resets, and gain 100x more Enhance Points

2 Hindrance Spirit

Keep all third row milestones on all fourth row resets, and start with your best-ever Space

3 Hindrance Spirit

Keep Time, Enhance, and Space Upgrades on all fourth row resets

4 Hindrance Spirit

Automatically purchase Extra Time Capsules   

10 Hindrance Spirit

Keep Prestige & Super-Booster Upgrades on all fourth row resets

15 Hindrance Spirit

Automatically purchase Super-Boosters   

25 Hindrance Spirit

Time resets reset nothing

2,500 Hindrance Spirit

Super-Boosters reset nothing

1 Total Quirk

Keep Prestige Upgrades on all previous resets, and gain 100x more Enhance Points

2 Total Quirks

You can buy max Time Capsules & Space Energy

3 Total Quirks

Keep Space Buildings on all fourth row resets

4 Total Quirks

Automatically purchase Enhancers   

10 Total Quirks

Automatically purchase Time Capsules & Space Energy

15 Total Quirks

Gain 100% of Enhance Point gain every second

25 Total Quirks

Space resets reset nothing

2,500 Total Quirks

You can destroy individual Space Buildings

You have {{format(player.q.energy)}} Quirk Energy (generated by Quirk Layers), which multiplies Point & Generator Power gain by {{format(tmp.quirkEff)}}

1 Hyper-Booster

You can buy max Super-Boosters

1 Subspace Energy

Automatically purchase Space Buildings   

You have {{format(player.ss.subspace)}} Subspace, which provides you with {{formatWhole(tmp.ssEff1)}} extra Space, makes all Space Buildings {{format(tmp.ssEff2)}}x cheaper, and makes all Space Buildings {{format(tmp.ssEff3.sub(1).times(100))}}% stronger

1 total Magic

Keep row 4 milestones on all resets

2 total Magic

Keep Hindrance completions on all resets

3 total Magic

Gain 100% of Hindrance Spirit & Quirk gain every second

4 total Magic

Automatically purchase Hyper-Boosters & Subspace      

50 total Magic

Automatically cast Spells   

2.5e9 total Magic

Gain 100% of Hex gain every second, and Spells last 4x longer

Note: Activating a Spell costs Magic.

You have {{formatWhole(player.m.hexes)}} Hexes, which are multiplying Hindrance Spirit & Quirk gain by {{format(tmp.hexEff)}}

1 Balance Energy

Keep row 4 milestones on all resets

2 Balance Energy

Keep Quirk Upgrades on all resets

3 Balance Energy

Automatically purchase Quirk Layers   

5 Balance Energy

Keep Hyper-Booster & Subspace Upgrades on all resets

8 Balance Energy

You can buy max Hyper-Boosters & Subspace Energy, and Hyper-Boosters/Subspace Energy reset nothing

You have {{format(player.ba.power)}} Balance Power, which is multiplying Hindrance Spirit & Quirk gain by {{format(tmp.balEff)}}
You have {{format(player.ba.positivity)}} Positivity and {{format(player.ba.negativity)}} Negativity, which are multiplying Balance Power gain by {{format(tmp.balEff2)}}

2 Phantom Souls

Automatically purchase Phantom Souls   

5 Phantom Souls

You can buy max Phantom Souls, and Phantom Souls reset nothing

1 total Super-Prestige Point

Upgrades of Rows 1-5 and Hindrances are kept on all resets

2 total Super-Prestige Points

Keep Magic Milestones on reset, Spells do not cost Magic, and Magic Upgrade 13's effect can be auto-set to your current Magic   

5 total Super-Prestige Points

Keep Balance Milestones on reset

10 total Super-Prestige Points

Gain 100% of Magic & Balance Power gain every second

You have {{format(player.l.power)}} Life Power (+{{format(LIFE_BOOSTERS.calcNewPower(1).sub(player.l.power))}}/s),
which is translating to:
You have {{formatWhole(player.ps.points)}} Phantom Souls, {{tmp.layerEffs["ps"]?LAYER_DATA["ps"].effDesc(tmp.layerEffs["ps"]):"???"}}

20,000 Hyperspace Energy

Gain 1% of Super-Prestige Points gain every second

1e150 Hyperspace Energy

Space Buildings do not consume Space

You have {{formatWhole(player.ba.points)}} Balance Energy

Get {{formatWhole(player.g.points)}} / {{formatWhole(HYPERSPACE.nextCapReq())}} Generators to increase the cap of Super-Upgrades

3 Imperium Bricks

You can max out Imperium Bricks

You have {{formatWhole(player.i.lifeBricks)}} Life Bricks
Next Life Brick is at {{format(player.l.power)}} / {{format(IMPERIUM.lifeReq())}} Life Power

Unlock Space Building 5 to build Imperium Buildings.

Your Work is currently {{format(tmp.i.work)}}, which reduces the gain power of rows 1 - 5 by {{format(tmp.i.workEff)}}x
Your Work also collapses row {{i}} layers by {{format(tmp.i.collapse[i].times(100))}}%

1 Total Mastery Brick

Keep Milestones, Upgrades, and Hindrances of Rows 1-4 on Row 7 resets. Also keep Row 5 milestones on Row 7 resets.

2 Total Mastery Bricks

Keep Row 5 Upgrades and Row 6 Milestones on Row 7 resets.

3 Total Mastery Bricks

Keep Row 6 Upgrades on Row 7 resets, and gain 100% of Life Essence gain every second.

5 Total Mastery Bricks

Keep Imperium Buildings on Row 7 resets, and gain 100% of Hyperspace Energy gain every second.

8 Total Mastery Bricks

Keep Hyperspace and Super-Upgrades on Row 7 resets.

10 Total Mastery Bricks

Automate Imperium Bricks, Imperium resets nothing, and gain 100% of Super-Prestige Point gain on reset.   

32 Total Mastery Bricks

You can buy max Mastery Bricks

Note: Buying a Mastery Building can make others more expensive

1e200 Gears

Gain 1% of Machine Power & Gear gain every second

5 Machine Power

Imperium Buildings get built instantly.

1e15 Machine Power

Automate Hyperspace & Imperium Buildings.      

Purchase Mastery Building 3 to unleash the Machines

Machine {{x}}

Currently: {{MACHINES[x].effDisp(MACHINES[x].currently())}}

Mechanical Challenges

Note: Complete unique combinations of challenges to boost the challenge rewards!

{{format(LAYER_CHALLS[layer].res())}} / {{format(tmp.challActive[layer].goal||0)}} {{ LAYER_CHALLS[layer].resDisp }}


Goal: {{format(LAYER_CHALLS[layer][row*10+col].goal)}} {{ LAYER_CHALLS[layer].resDisp }}Unique Completions: {{formatWhole(tmp.challActive?tmp.challActive[layer].combos[row*10+col]:0)}}
Reward: {{LAYER_CHALLS[layer][row*10+col].reward}}
Currently: {{LAYER_CHALLS[layer][row*10+col].effDisp(LAYER_CHALLS[layer][row*10+col].currently())}}