Due to the presence of Vantablack in this universe, your Photons, Total Photons, & Photon gain are being divided by {{format(player.reversalDiv)}} every second, and you can no longer create Photons manually.

{{formatWhole(player.photons)}} Photons (Total: {{formatWhole(player.totalPhotons)}})

Reach 100,000,000 Total Photons to begin the process of Pair Production
Next Pair Production at {{formatWhole(tmp.npp)}} Total Photons

Positrons: {{formatWhole(player.positrons)}}

Electrons: {{formatWhole(player.electrons)}}

Net Charge: {{("+":"")+formatWhole(player.charge)}}

Effect: {{player.charge.eq(0)?"None":("Add "+format(tmp.crge)+" Levels to Photon Upgrade 3 & 5"):("Add "+format(tmp.crge)+" Levels to Photon Upgrade 2 & 4"))}}

Photon Production Rate: {{format(tmp.phr)}}/s

Lumens: {{format(tmp.lum)}}, which multiply Photon gain by {{format(tmp.lumEff)}}

MIND: {{formatWhole(tmp.mind)}} STRENGTH: {{formatWhole(tmp.strength)}}



Mind Boost: Lumen Upgrades 1 & 2 are given {{format(tmp.mnde)}} extra levels, and the Mind/Strength Automaton is {{format(tmp.mnde2)}}x faster Strength Boost: Pair Production requirement is divided by {{formatWhole(tmp.stre)}}, and Mind/Strength progress gain is multiplied by {{format(tmp.stre2)}}
You have {{formatWhole(player.truePhotons)}} True Photons, which are multiplying Photon gain by {{format(tmp.tphe)}}

Current Boost Effect: Increase the True Photon effect exponent by {{format(Decimal.pow(1.2, player.truePhotBought).sub(Decimal.pow(1.4, player.badTruePhotBought)).times(100))}}% & increase its gain speed by {{format(Decimal.pow(1.01, player.truePhotBought-player.badTruePhotBought).sub(1).times(100))}}%